SM Infinity™
Real Cloudware For Digital Signage Made Simple.

ACCESSIBILITY – Anytime. Anywhere.


Access Your Digital Signage from any Internet-Connected Device (PC, Mac, or Mobile).

No Worries with Automatic Updates and Easy Access! Our service resides on the internet, or “in the cloud.” This allows clients to securely login from any PC, Mac, or mobile device connected to the internet to operate their display. Updates to the system are fully automatic and new features are available immediately.

Your Content is Safe and Secure. All content and schedules are securely stored in the client's online library and backed up daily to make sure they have access to their content 24/7.

Easy User Management with a Multi-User Permission-based System. Clients have complete control over their display network. For example, a master account user can assign multiple people to make graphic requests, but restrict access to manage the display schedule or other features.


CONTENT CREATION – A Simple Request.


Professional Custom Content Creation specific to your Business and your Digital Signage.

Never Worry about Designing Great Content, We’ve Got You Covered! We realize that most business owners are not graphic designers, but they do have great ideas about how to market their business. Our design team can bring those ideas to life on your digital display.

Clients get Easy Access to our Integrated Graphic Request System. After submitting a graphic request, our design team provides professionally designed tailored content (typically within 24-48 hours) in the client's queue for review or approval. The client can even request to automatically add the custom content to the display schedule.

Better Content means More Business. Our goal is to enhance the client’s image and increase traffic. We make that happen by providing professional content focused specifically on the indoor and outdoor digital signage market delivered through an easy to use service backed by real designers in the USA.


ONLINE EDITOR – Create A Quick Message.


With the power of Doodle™, you can create a custom message on the fly via Web or Mobile.

Doodle integrates directly as a Fully Functioning Editor available on the Website and the iPad App. It provides built-in fonts designed to maximize the readability of text on outdoor digital signage and includes an outline effect to enhance the contrast of the text.

Full Control for Text and Background Properties. Colors are easy to set for all objects with built-in RGB sliders or a client can use the pre-set color swatches. Images can be added directly to the background from the client’s online library with text overlayed on top.

Clean and Intuitive Interface. Clients use buttons to align and resize objects, zoom in/out, and undo/redo changes. Sliders are provided for most settings to allow quick input and a traditional layer panel helps keep objects organized.

Managing Doodle Content is Easy. Completed Doodle projects are automatically added to the online library. These messages can be used on any display in the account and opened again for editing at anytime.


MONITORING – A Healthy Sign.


SM Infinity gives you the Power of Automated Monitoring with Display Status Notifications.

A Healthy Sign means a Healthy Business. With the power of the SM Infinity platform, digital displays have the ability to “check in” on a regular basis to our command center automatically.

This allows for proactive tech support. The system can alert clients immediately if it suspects anything is wrong with the digital display, like power or communications loss. This is important for clients with mission critical displays or locations providing revenue from advertising.

SCHEDULING MANAGEMENT – Outsmart the competition.


From Basic Scheduling to Triggering Specific Messages based on Conditions, like weather.

Stay Ahead of the Competition. Our scheduling feature not only allows standard scheduling like date, time, rotations, and dayparting, but with conditional messaging clients can set scheduling conditions, like weather, to trigger specific messages. For example, if it is cold outside your display can automatically advertise winter jackets for sale.

Organize and Demand Attention with Media Grouping. This allows clients to add multiple media files to individual scheduled playlists. You can rotate through each file, or play them back to back depending on the advertising contract or scheduling strategy.

Support The Community with Public Safety Alerts. Integrated within SM Infinity, you can simply enable our Emergency Alert System. It receives data from many alerting authorities, like IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert and Warning System) developed by FEMA. This allows your display to be a part of alerting the community of emergencies. Once enabled, you simply set how often alerts play and the format. The Emergency Alert System will display alerts and remove them automatically from the display.

Want to Customize? We are continually developing new features for the future like POS integration and our campaign management tool that boosts advertising for certain items according to inventory goals seamlessly within your original schedule. We have the knowledge and skills to make your ideas a reality.




One Place to Access All of Your Content, plus more. Secure and Backed Up Daily.

Clients store and organize their content all in one place. No more worries about losing content or remembering where it’s saved. It’s all online, centralized and ready to go. Clients can view all the content at once, create custom folders, or browse using our pre-set libraries.

General Library: Client's have access to backgrounds, general use, and seasonal content created by the SM Design Team for use on the display or in the Online Editor for quick messages.
Spectacular Library: All the professional custom content made for the client by the SM Infinity Design Team is stored here for easy access.
My Library & My Doodle Library: Any content uploaded or created by the client is stored in these libraries. Over 35+ media file types are supported for upload, including standards like “JPG” and “AVI”. All messages created using Doodle are automatically stored here.


REPORTING – Simple Proof.


Get Standard Playback and Scheduling Reports for You & Your Clients.

Generate Reports based on Past, Current, or Future Playback Data. SM Infinity can provide reporting data and options for billboard operators, or other digital advertising markets. Pull actual playback reports for proof of performance, or generate data from the current and future schedules to forecast exposure and play counts.

Export Reports for Customization and Integration. Clients can view the data directly in the portal, or export reports to a standard CSV format for easy editing and formatting for custom billing or reporting needs.




Cloudware with Content & Access that can Work on Multiple Hardware Platforms.

Say Goodbye to Proprietary Operating Software. We want to improve the quality of the digital sign experience for everyone, regardless of the hardware manufacturer. In most cases, we can convert your PC-based digital display system for use with SM Infinity, even if it shipped with another software system.

More Power & Better Value through Partnerships. We also partner with display manufacturers and digital sign providers to include the SM Infinity experience to clients right out of the box. These partnerships allow clients to receive extra benefits like special pricing and unique features.

Want to Stick with Your Old Software? No Problem! We can provide access to our content creation service as a stand alone account. Clients with “Content Accounts” get access to the online library and graphic request, without the display management features. After approving graphic requests, they can download the media into standard file types like JPG, PNG and AVI for use with their own management software.