Image burn-in is when text or a certain color remains static on your display for weeks, months or years and begins to show the image even if the display is playing other content. LED technology has improved this, but it can still happen over a long period of time.

  • Play at least 3-5 images or videos with different colors at all times
  • Change content often, using different background colors and text.
  • Using animated backgrounds and text is recommended when possible.
  • This affects color displays more than single color displays, but it can still happen so it’s a good idea to keep your content changing and updated regardless.


Keep your messages direct and simple to maximize your viewers interest and reaction to your content.

  • Use simple & easy to read words.
    • Good: SALE TODAY! 9am – 10pm
    • Not so Good: INCREDIBLE SALE HAPPENING TODAY! September 25th 2016 from 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM!
  • Avoid using too many descriptive adjectives or unneeded information.
    • Good: PTA School Safety Meeting, Sat. 9/25, 7-10pm
    • Not so Good: PTA Meeting discussing school safety is this Saturday, September 25th from 7pm to 8pm. Call the office for details.


Use colors that contrast to make sure your message is bright and readable.

  • Use deep colors for backgrounds and bright colors for text.
  • Avoid white backgrounds when possible.
  • Use a dark stroke around text to help separate it from the background and make it “pop”!


Make sure your text is large, readable, and active to turn heads and gain the viewer’s attention.

  • Make an impact by using large bold fonts.
  • Use quick animations to make your message crystal clear and exciting.
  • Avoid having too much empty space, size your fonts to maximize the space available.

Large text is recommended, but if you need to use small text, use LED 8 Font (always set to 8), or LED 16 font (always set to 16). These fonts work well with single color outdoor LED signs.



Give your content an extra kick! Get professional content made just for you!

  • Our designers can help make sure your messages are dynamic, readable and exciting.
  • A points system is used, and your sign may have included points! Use them if you got em’ !
    • LED Signs: 50 Points/Image, 100 Points/Video(Animation)
    • HD Displays: 100 Points/Image, 200 Points/Video(Animation).
  • If you need points, you can purchase them directly after making your first request, or go to the “My Spectacular Account” section and click on the “My Points” tab.
  • Click on the My Graphic Request section to get started.
  • Making a request is simple. Just click on each section and answer the questions.
    • Tell us what message you would like to show on the request.
    • Choose Image or Video
    • Choose your Display. This is to make sure you get the right size content.
    • Schedule (optional) your request to have it automatically start playing on your sign after you approve it.
    • Add your comments. You can ask them to use certain colors, or styles, or just tell them to “Be Creative”!
    • Add any reference files or websites.
    • Press the Send Button to send your request.
  • Requests take 1-2 business days, sometimes longer depending on the number of requests.
  • You will get an email when it’s ready for you to review. Login, go to My Graphic Request, and view the content in the Pending Tab; from there you can approve or revise the content.