Bring your existing Digital Display into the 21st century with SM Infinity!
Control Your Digital Displays AND get Great Content!

How It Works:

1. Sign Up!
Fill out the request form below, no credit cards needed.

2. We’ll Contact You
to verify compatibility with SM Infinity, create your account, and convert your display(s).

3. Enjoy Full Cloud-based Control
of your displays through the web, access to our professional content service,
plus a host of other great sign management features

There are some important requirements for online access:
– Your display must have access to the internet either directly or over your existing network.
– The display must use a windows-based player, sometimes called a PC controller or IPC.
Embedded or ARM based controllers are not supported.
– You must have access to the player operating system using remote access software,
or directly with a monitor keyboard and mouse.

If you’re unclear about any of this, don’t worry, we’ll help ya!

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