Managed Marketing


Let Us Prove It to You…for Free
With Managed Marketing Services from SM Infinity.


We Share a Unified Goal:

That your LED sign should yield positive results for your business or organization.
If it isn’t bringing you more business, increasing membership, or effectively spreading your message…


We Can Help:

Simply fill out an Infinity Profile below, so we can get-to-know your business and your goals and…

1. We’ll suggest what you should display on your LED sign,

2. We’ll professionally create the custom content tailored to your goals,

3. We can even create an effective schedule for max visibility,

4. And, you’ll have a member of our team along for the entire journey, and then…


See The Results:

Your LED sign works to keep your target audience engaged and makes them more likely to take action,
and we want to measure that success to maximize your traffic.

Why Your LED Sign Content Matters?
Click on the examples below.


Sound Good? Let’s Get Started:

Our friendly disclaimer: You are not obligated to participate in our Managed Marketing program, at any time. We are offering a free introductory trial
to prove that proper management of your organization’s marketing, combined with professional content on the LED sign, can yield positive results
for your organization. This introductory trial will consist of a discussion about your organization and current marketing strategy.
Based on the profile and our discussion, we will then assess what to display on your LED sign and design the content, specifically designed to
bring in traffic, make you money, and increase membership. Our Managed Marketing Services start at $100 a month.

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